Methods of Payment

Payments for "BLOCK OF TIME" may be made through PayPal by using any one of the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express (PayPal account set up is NOT required). Just click on the block of time you wish to purchase and follow the prompts through to complete your purchase. Sylvia reserves the right to extend free reading minutes to clients. "Blocks of time" must be used within 12 months of original purchase.

No overhead costs paid to means I can pass the savings on to you at only $5.00/min. for blocks of time under an hour.
If you are purchasing a 1 hour block of time, the rate breaks down to $3.40/min.!! 1 hour blocks of time can be used in any increment you wish and statements are sent out weekly on each account, so you always know how much time is left in your account.

Payment Method (Credit Cards)

Readings Available by blocks of time

Payments can also be made using an existing PayPal account or by e-checks.

NOTE: (There is a 5 day business hold on minutes with an e-check payment, minutes are available for immediate use when paid by credit/debit card.)